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New Year, New Buyers 28 Dec 2020

While Christmas is the time for overindulging, spending time with family and watching all the classics, it's also a really [...]

Selling a tenanted (buy-to-let) property 22 Dec 2020

If you own a buy-to-let property and want to sell it, you can either sell it as a tenanted investment or as [...]

Preparing to move out 17 Dec 2020

Moving takes a lot of preparation and one of the advantages of having time between exchange and completion is that [...]

Winter maintenance suggestions to safeguard your property 15 Dec 2020

In this article we talk about protecting your home against any potential seasonal damage, as well as reducing any unnecessary [...]

Contract Exchange 15 Dec 2020

In this article we talk about ‘Exchange of Contracts’ meaning that both parties are legally bound to the sale. In England [...]

Ensuring the sale goes smoothly 10 Dec 2020

At the same time as instructing your agent to market the property, we recommend that you organise a solicitor or [...]

Negotiating Offers 8 Dec 2020

Offers are an exciting part of the process and are normally part of a negotiation, in this article we talk [...]

Handling Viewings 26 Nov 2020

Viewings are the first step towards finding your buyer and selling your home. Read our guide on how to handle [...]

Marketing your property 24 Nov 2020

In order to instruct your agent to market your property, you will need to provide some basic information to get [...]

How to set achievable goals with your home 19 Nov 2020

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a long-lived tradition. Due to the pandemic, many people are looking for achievable goals closer to [...]