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Ten tips to saving money when moving home 24 Apr 2021

These top tips will ease the stress of moving on yourself and your wallet, leaving you with more funds for [...]

Your guide to understanding your property’s value 8 Mar 2021

Thinking about putting your property on the market in 2021? For an agent's perspective of what that involves, read our article.

Surge in homeowners keen to move this year 22 Jan 2021

COVID-19 has caused a major shift within the property market regarding buyers’ and sellers’ attitudes. What are the reasons for homeowners [...]

New Year, New Buyers 28 Dec 2020

While Christmas is the time for overindulging, spending time with family and watching all the classics, it's also a really [...]

Preparing to move out 17 Dec 2020

Moving takes a lot of preparation and one of the advantages of having time between exchange and completion is that [...]

Ensuring the sale goes smoothly 10 Dec 2020

At the same time as instructing your agent to market the property, we recommend that you organise a solicitor or [...]

Negotiating Offers 8 Dec 2020

Offers are an exciting part of the process and are normally part of a negotiation, in this article we talk [...]

Handling Viewings 26 Nov 2020

Viewings are the first step towards finding your buyer and selling your home. Read our guide on how to handle [...]

Marketing your property 24 Nov 2020

In order to instruct your agent to market your property, you will need to provide some basic information to get [...]

Preparing your Property 19 Nov 2020

Once you have decided to put your property on the market and you have instructed your agent, you need to [...]