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2nd lockdown update: Reviewed on 04/11/2020


REVIEWED ON 09/09/2020)

Starting of business All Staff Self-isolating or current COVID-19 patients to not come to WORK at all.  Follow governments guidance on 14 days self-isolation if sign of any symptoms.All vulnerable staffs should STAY HOME unless given the consent from staff they would like to work from office.   Keep in self isolation if symptoms persist till it is clearWhere there is no risk, vulnerable staffs can visit premises- e.g empty properties All staff Immediately
Coming to Workplace All Staff       Staff should all use private transportation to come to work or use shared car between the same household.Limit the sharing of resources as much as possible.Adhere to all social distancing and cleaning notice around the offices. Offer working from home if no access to private transportation.  All Staff Immediately
Workplace desk   All Staff Deep clean prior to start of every shift provided on the premises.Sanitizing wipes issued.2M distance between each working desk. Discard or disinfect resources if contaminated. All Staff Immediately
Carrying on Viewings All staff & general public Staff visiting to always carry a mobile phone.Staff making calendar alerts of their whereabouts visible for all staffs.All telephone / email calls are recorded –all parties to confirm they not currently self-isolating or been in contact with anyone who are isolating before going ahead with viewings. Request all parties to wear protective gears.  All parties to confirm there is no showing symptoms & are not to be at risk if they visited the property with them.Request them to wear face shield only after once you greet them from appropriate distance.Staff to turn up to the premises 10 mins prior and risk assess the property and the surroundings. Staffs are issued with correct personal protective measures (gloves, footwear covers, face mask & hand sanitizers)Strictly rely on only digital distribution of any paperwork. No exchange of materials with any third parties. Maintain 2m distance at all times – Social Distancing Rule)Agents should not drive clients or any third parties to appointments.No viewings to be carried out with more than 6 people, that includes all parties.Encourage to be shown an empty house to potential tenants or buyers.   Manager or Office Administrator monitor visiting staff whereabouts.Visiting staff to phone in the office if itinerary changes.Inform managers if or when exposed to any risk and to isolate for 14 days after filling out the incident form.   Manager and Administrator   All Staff     All Staff     Immediately
Lone Working – Visiting hazardous premises Staff risk injury or ill health when visiting premises that are in poor repair or contain hazardous substances, e.g houses with poor electrics or sites that may have asbestos.   Staff expose to COVID-19 cases  When taking an enquiry, staff ask about the condition of premises, eg boiler/electrics, fall hazards etc. If hazardous condition is identified, staff discuss with team / manager before visit.Staff know not to take risks, eg not try to restore electricity or gas supply.Staff to be vigilant on risk assessing.DO NOT GO TO THE PREMISIES IF KNOWN CASES OF COVID-19 OR IS SELF ISOLATING.   At the next meeting, staff to be reminded of the hazards of some premises and they are not to take risks.Any incidents to be discussed at team meetings to see if lessons can be learnt.Staff to be emphasised on strong observation skills.INCDENT REPORT TO BE FILLED AND SUBMITTED TO MANAGERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE     All staff Managers + appropriate delegates   IMMEDIATELY
Arranging contractors/maintenance at premises Workers carrying out these services may suffer injury or ill health doing that work.     All staff, Contractors and tenants       Staffs ensure that worker contracted to do the job is competent to do so.Contractor requires to tell staff how they will do the job safely.All parties to be clear of showing symptoms before arranging or carrying out maintenance work.When key handling- staffs should ensure all keys are appropriately cleaned before handover by any third parties.All parties to ensure work can be carried out in safe distance If possible, necessary repairs, gas and electrical checks should be carried out in between tenancies. If this is not possible, then any visits should be done by appointment with measures in place to ensure social distancing is achieved. Staffs to further ensure if contractors are competent and hold license to carry out professional job.   All staff IMMEDIATELY
Manual Handling e.g. handling of heavy items Staffs may suffer injuries such as strains or bruising from handling heavy/bulky objects. No heavy stocks on top shelves.For sale/ to let board is safely handled by staffs. Safe manual handling is instructed and all staff take precautions.   Talk to staffs and contractor to make sure they are handing the signs safely.   All staff IMMEDIATELY
Slips/ Trips and Falls Staffs and clients may suffer injured if they trip over objects or slip on spillages. Good housekeeping in customers areas.Good lightening in all areas.Trailing cables managed.Staff are informed and emphasised on risk assessing the premises both in the office and out in the site. Staff take visual inspection and clear any danger to both staff and clients both in office and out in the site. Better housekeeping in staff areas, eg clear up spills in kitchen promptly.Train all new staff on risk assessing when in the office and out visiting the site for both the safety of staffs and clients.Provide ARLA course of UNIT 1 covering Health and Safety to all new staff.   All staff ALL TIME  + COMPETENT PART A TRAINING

Working at height Eg. pinning up property details or boards displays Falls from any height may result or can cause bruising or fractures. Not at present. If staff needs helping hand; extra staff is adhered to help been needed. Staff will be offered with the training courses provided from a property board ARLA regarding health and safety.No one is to stand on chairs to do jobs? A stepladder will be bought and staff shown how to use it properly. ALL STAFF + CONTRACTOR ALL THE TIME

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