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What is Home Insurance?

Simple question, right? And yes, it is, but the answer can lead you down a rabbit hole if you’re not careful. With the widest range of options available for clients today, and competing companies offering different packages with different variables and all that nonsense designed to confuse you, picking the home insurance that’s right for you can be tricky.

The team at Peepal are here to cut out all of the noise, making the choice as easy as it possibly can be. We know the ins and outs of home insurance, so you can trust that with us, the choice will become as seamless as buying a house.

Why Do We Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is important when the worst happens, whatever that might be. Having a great home insurance policy protects your house and belongings when they’re damaged or stolen, giving you the peace of mind that you need. There’s no replacement for some of the immaterial effects of damage to items or stolen goods, but with home insurance that properly covers everything, you can at least rest easy knowing that it won’t hit you in the pocket on top. Every house and client’s contents are different, but with the team at Peepal, you can trust that you’re getting the proper coverage suited to your specific needs.

How to Insure Your Home

Come into one of our estate agent offices in Farnborough, Swindon, Ashford, Maidstone, or Hounslow. We’re here to help you go through the range of different options without resorting to underhand tactics, upselling, or confusing terminology. We’ll work with you to deliver the best options at every time and get the best home insurance for your specific circumstances, even when the worst comes to worst. Get in touch with the Peepal team to learn about the options by talking with a real, caring person who’s looking out for you.

Get in Touch with the Peepal Team for More

Our team understands the difference between good home insurance and great home insurance. We’ll show you everything you need to know, and take your case on an individual basis, learning what you need and what’s right for you and your home specifically. No upselling, no jargon, no ifs and no buts. We’re making home insurance simple so all our clients get the best deal for them without needing to be an expert. Let us do the talking while you sit back and relax.

Get in touch with the team on 01252 947555 or email us at We’ll walk you through the full range of options, with the benefits and opportunities of each package. Our estate agents know what they’re talking about, so even if you don’t, you’ll end up with the best coverage appropriate for your situation.

Our #HappyClients

Read what our clients have to say from our Google Reviews.

I have used Peepal Estate & Letting Agents before and got in touch with Lakpa sherpa. Their service and professionalism continues to delight me. Efficient and friendly, dealing with any questions/issues clearly and quickly. My letting was issued far quicker than we expected many thanks to Lakpa Bhai for your hard work. Thoroughly recommended!
Devendra Gurung
Devendra G.
07:20 06 Aug 22
I am giving 5 ⭐️ to the Peepal Estate agent for their service and support. I had a great experience in purchasing our first home.As they have really polite, professional and experienced team/staffs, especially Lakpa Sherpa (broker agent) and Unika Rai (mortgage advisor). Personally would like to thank them both for their wonderful assistance and their expertise guidance from the day one when we went for viewing up until receiving the keys 🔑.This journey was not easy and simple as first time buyer. We needed suggestions and guidance in every steps. I got 100% satisfaction on their skilled and knowledgeable staff and their support.I recommend my friends & family to use their service. I will definitely use their service again for my next home 😉 or mortgage 💸….. good luck 🤞
Om Magar
Om M.
04:57 03 Aug 22
Very helpful and welcoming from the first property visit. Great staff, particularly Lakpa Sherpa who has been personally working with us for over a year. Would recommend.
Jonathan Lidbury
Jonathan L.
16:27 02 Aug 22
In Jun 2021, I contacted Peepal for a house to rent. They got in touch and arranged a site visit quickly. Then, I rented the house and moved in within one week without any issue. I was satisfied with Peepal speedy rental service as a tenant.During the stay, there were couples of issues in the house. I called Peepal and requested repairment. They responded timely and got the issue fixed within a reasonable period. However, their feedback during the communications was always to protect the landlord first, although understandable, made me feel a bit unhappy.After one year, I moved out of the property at the end of tenancy. Peepal acted professionally and the exit process was very smooth. I got the rental deposit within a week. So speedy!Overall speaking, Peepal is a very good letting agents. I have no doubt to recommend Peepal to others.
Fonnie Lau
Fonnie L.
13:31 15 Jul 22
Very good, very helpful, well done Peepal team !!!!😁
paul underwood
paul U.
11:27 08 Jul 22
The most friendly staff! Spoke to 3 staff members and all of them were helpful and made me feel at ease.
Carly Gough
Carly G.
09:53 05 Jul 22
Peepal were always helpful and efficient.
Bruce Watson
Bruce W.
09:54 01 Jul 22
Krishna Gurung
Krishna G.
16:38 22 Jun 22
Rocky Gaha
Rocky G.
09:13 14 Jun 22
Excellent service. PRITI GURUNG was my Peepal Mortgages advisor who helped me to get mortgage. She was unfailingly efficient, friendly and enthusiastic. She was able to provide information to all of my questions and concerns. A very pleasant experience. Thank You for helping us bring our dream of having our first home into reality. I highly recommend Priti and her team. Our best wishes to the whole team for many more successes.
Rabi Shrestha
Rabi S.
23:50 13 Jun 22
Excellent service. PRITI GURUNG was my Peepal Mortgages advisor who helped me to get mortgage. She was unfailingly efficient, friendly and enthusiastic. She was able to provide information to all of my questions and concerns. A very pleasant experience. Thank You for helping us bring our dream of having our first home into reality. I highly recommend Priti and her team. Our best wishes to the whole team for many more successes.
Rabi Shrestha
Rabi S.
23:48 13 Jun 22
Outstanding service, great communication.My mortgage advisor was PRASANNA GURUNG.He is very professional, informative , attentive and always there to help me whenever I need him.He is very much helpful and he gave his enough time to explain me even small details without any hesitation even out of the office hours.As being a first time buyer I was unknown to everything but Prasanna taught me every small details as a parents to their children.He is amazing, knowledgeable, determined well experienced in his work.My whole process took only 3 months to get property.Thank you Prasanna Gurung and his team.
sarita rana
sarita R.
19:39 26 May 22
Positive: professionalism, quality, responsivenessExcellent service very friendly and very helpful in any aspect. Highly recommend,Many thanks Kamal bhai and team 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Shishir Rai
Shishir R.
22:49 10 May 22
Best staff....very helpful and supportive
jagjit singh
jagjit S.
18:06 09 May 22
My experience with Peepal estate agents Ashford has been wonderful. They were professional and provided us with great service.Many thanks to Kevin for making the process of letting out our property hassle free. He was friendly, helpful and always kept us in the loop.I would not hesitate to use their services again and would recommend them to anyone.
Santosh Gurung
Santosh G.
09:50 06 May 22
upendra karki
upendra K.
19:21 05 May 22
Big Thankyou to Kamal Ji and Baini Smriti esp Kamal Ji very approachable with can do attitudeThank you
Shanta Gurung
Shanta G.
14:17 05 May 22
Thank you kamal and smriti (peepal mortgage limited Swindon)for your excellent service and great help to complete my remortgage . Would Highly recommend.
Pranim Rai
Pranim R.
12:19 04 May 22
Service I received from Peepal mortgage was extremely good, exactly what I needed. All of the staff were very polite and helpful.I found very professional Kamal bhai and Freeanna I received an outstanding service from you guys many Thanks for your team.
Rewat Saru
Rewat S.
12:11 11 Apr 22
Peepal Mortgages have made my dream come true while buying house. I would like to say Thank you especially Kamal dai who has managed to get a great mortgage deal for me and very helpful through out the process .He was also very informative and guided me through start to end . Beside him, Smriti didi and Freeanna was very helpful and always committed. I would highly recommend Peepal Mortgages to anybody.
Anjila Gurung
Anjila G.
15:30 31 Mar 22
I would just like to say my experience with Peepal Estate Agents has been amazing. Kevin showed me around a few properties, he really helped with finding the perfect property for us as a family. He was kind, friendly and went out of his way to ensure it was a stress free process. Would highly recommend Peepal to others they definitely live up to their slogan. Thank you
Amie Dawson
Amie D.
13:20 25 Feb 22
15:47 23 Feb 22
Pallavi was genuinely helpful and easy to talk to. She helped me with my remortgage very efficiently and with detailed guidance. Calls and emails were responded promptly and assured me with an excellent service throughout the proccess.Thank you baini.Will definitely use Peepals again.Anil
Plus Minus
Plus M.
09:00 12 Feb 22
Very happy with Kamal Gurung and his team for providing quality and professional service. Big Thank you
Kumar Gurung
Kumar G.
09:54 15 Jan 22
Peepal Mortgages have been absolutely brilliant with my remortgage needs. From our first call to when we completed the process, our adviser Prasanna Gurung was very attentive and thorough which made the process a lot easier for us! We had reached out to few other places to help with our process but Prasanna was the person we were able to build immediate rapport with that stood out to us. He was always willing to answer any questions we had and kindly go through together anything we were unsure of before making a decision. We cannot thank Prasanna enough! - his commitment and professionalism is an asset to Peepal. Would highly recommend Peepal, especially Prasanna Gurung!
Rishma Limbu
Rishma L.
22:48 06 Jan 22
We rented a property from Peepal in Ashford and received a very professional and high quality service throughout our rental period. Would highly recommend for both renters and property owners.
Chris Holmes
Chris H.
18:28 29 Dec 21
I’m absolutely delighted to have worked with Peepal Mortgage and their team for the past 11 weeks. I cannot thank them enough, as they have been extremely helpful and quick when dealing with our situation.I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
18:22 15 Dec 21
Bishal Limbu
Bishal L.
12:11 15 Nov 21
Surakshya was very helpful from day one until the process completed. Was an absolute pleasure to work with Peepal. I highly recommend 🙂
Deepen LamiChhane
Deepen L.
18:49 20 Oct 21
Friendly and helpful.
Mahan Rai
Mahan R.
05:54 12 Oct 21
Highly professional, dedicated and reliable service provided from Peepal Mortgages. Thank you to Surya dai and Surakshya for the successful purchase of our second property. Surkashya's work commitment was excellent and extremely professional in arranging us quality mortgages deal. We hope to use Peepal Mortgages services again in future and is highly recommended for future clients.
Amir Gurung
Amir G.
20:01 06 Oct 21
Happy client , very special thanks to Prasana bhai for being such a remarkable and excellency through out the process , he’s a “ Pro“ for peepal mortgage co. and delighted to recommend them to others as well .
Asha Gurung
Asha G.
07:46 28 Sep 21
Such a good experience through out the whole buying process. Very pleased with seamless service.
Deuman Limbu
Deuman L.
20:18 26 Sep 21
Excellent Service. Thank you so much Pallavi baini. You made whole remortgaging process smooth and easy for us. Really appreciate your help and support. Highly recommend Peepal Mortgage to everyone.
Bishal Shrestha
Bishal S.
20:26 25 Sep 21
Narendradhoj Gurung
Narendradhoj G.
20:01 19 Sep 21
Mr. Nags Rai was very helpful throughout our tenancy. He was responsive and professional.
22:36 08 Sep 21
I found Peepal to be the most professional and efficient letting agent. Their communication and guidance was excellent. Special thanks to Nags Rai who was a great help. I would not hesitate to use their services again and would recommend them to anyone,
Tony Batkin
Tony B.
11:57 02 Sep 21
Would others to highly recommend them
sanjay rai
sanjay R.
10:56 24 Aug 21
I found Peepal Estates Agents Ashford to be very professional. They always were responsive to my calls and emails within a timely manner. My agent Nags was always respectful and helpful, he rectified any issues or concerns I had. I will definitely recommend Peepal Estates Agents Ashford for your letting needs.
Sarai Belboda
Sarai B.
22:44 19 Aug 21
Deepthi Sabu
Deepthi S.
10:31 19 Aug 21
Excellent services from Peepal Mortgages, they handled my mortgage application with really professionalism and very responsive to my queries.A big thank you to Surya and Priya Gurung, special mention for Surakshya Rai who was handling my case and always happy to help me out and make sure that my application went smoothly.Thank you Surakshya
Chaandru Suntharalingam
Chaandru S.
09:32 19 Aug 21
Excellent service from highly competent and helpful with Nag Rai dai for renting out my property within a week. He has done every thing for us and get the best deal. Fully trustworthy and highly recommended....especially those who are still in arm force. It is hassle free for landlord.
Reshma Rana
Reshma R.
03:15 02 Aug 21
James Harvey Nevin
James Harvey N.
16:06 27 Jul 21
Very friendly and professional.Dedicated staff👍
Joypaul Chakkalakal
Joypaul C.
12:34 27 Jul 21
Santosh Gurung
Santosh G.
23:19 17 Jul 21
Peepal’s mortages london branch has been so supportive throughout my house buying process and I can’t thank them enough for their support. Surakshya Rai dd is an absolute gem, a real professional, who is friendly and approachable at the same time. She has gone far and beyond in the last few months to help me get a mortgage that I thought was not possible. A massive thank you to Peepal’s mortgage, Surya dai and Surakshya dd for helping me through my journey to my new home .Highly recommend to anyone, who is looking to buy a property especially for those who are first time buyer like me .Prava Sherchan
Prava Sherchan
Prava S.
19:20 02 Jul 21
Very professional and Co- Operative, The staff were always available and very helpful which made it extremely easy during the my mortgaging process.Finally Thank you very much peepal mortgage especially Thanks to Jasmine, I really appreciate
reanna .,.
reanna ..
20:50 25 Jun 21
bishal gurung
bishal G.
16:13 15 Jun 21
Huge thank you to PUSPA GURUNG. Who helped us secure our new home.The process took less then 4 months even Pandemic.We are extremely happy here and couldn't of done it without her.Thank youDhan and Nanda
Dan's Good Life
Dan's Good L.
06:37 09 Jun 21
Birendra Rai
Birendra R.
19:52 06 Jun 21
Just completed my Re- mortgage with Peepal. Extremely satisfied with the service and all the help, specially thanks to Mr. PRASANNA GURUNG for making it simple and helping me all the way to the End. He was always available and very much helpful throughout the process.Much recommend and will be definitely using service in Future.
Rohit Gurung
Rohit G.
15:47 01 Jun 21
As a Buy to let buyer, I knew little about the criteria and process of purchasing property. Pratima Gurung has made us feel comfortable and always explained things clearly. Pratima including entire team were polite, professional and always on the top on the emails and communications. I would like to thank Pratima and recommend Peepal Mortagage for anyone looking to buy a property.
Aanand Ghale
Aanand G.
00:32 30 May 21
Ganga Gurung
Ganga G.
19:41 26 May 21
Reasonably responsive to sort out issues.
Nadia Sharmin
Nadia S.
23:15 19 May 21
Thank you so much Peepal mortgages.Kamal Vai and Smriti Baini.Without your hardwork and help we would not have accesseded.fully satisfy,happy. Keep up the same work.thanks again.Sid&Fam
Siddhi Rai
Siddhi R.
11:18 15 May 21
Peepal were professional and approachable and helped us out immensely. We are very grateful for the manner in which they dealt with our needs and went above and beyond to get us the tenancy we needed promptly. We cannot recommend them enough and thank them for their time and help.
Sarah Conrad
Sarah C.
20:25 13 May 21
I rented with Peepal whilst I was waiting for probate to go through following the death of my partner. I had been let down by so many companies, having registered and then told a property had been rented just as it went on the market. I contacted Peepal and Nags came to the rescue. He arranged quickly for me to view something that had just come on the market. It was a lovely property, in a nice area. This was important given I am a single woman. I can't praise them enough on their support, responsive attitude to any issues, queries.
Laura Ashton
Laura A.
09:53 05 May 21
I received a fantastic service throughout my remortgaging process. I would surely recommend ''Peeple Mortgages'' to anyone who are looking for an advise or anything to do with the Properties and mortgages. Hats off to all the staff at Peepal Mortgages. Once again, thanks a lot and it's really appreciated.
Ganga Gurung
Ganga G.
15:37 27 Apr 21
Fully satisfied with the service. Thanks Surakshya sis for your hard work and quick response. Highly recommend Peepal Mortgages ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Suman Lama
Suman L.
18:13 26 Apr 21
I was supported very well throughout the whole process . Jasmine was an absolute star and really helped me with everything. I will definitely be recommending Peepal mortgage to my friends and family. And finally a massive thanks to Surya dai , who was always happy to provide advice and assistance whenever I required it.
Jeena shrestha
Jeena S.
21:12 14 Apr 21
Thank you very much to Peepal Mortgage Team for the excellent service.Your team were very professional and supportive.Many thanks to Priya Sis in helping me find the best morgage deal.Overall a very happy customer and highly recommended.
Deepu Gurung
Deepu G.
11:15 06 Apr 21
This is the most responsive and professional estate agent ever. I am a tenant to one of the properties they manage and they are very responsive to all my needs in the property and the Manager Mr Nags is very professional and humble in responding to any of my request without any delay.THANK YOU PEEPAL ESTATE AGENT!!!
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth W.
15:22 01 Apr 21
We found a house that we wanted to buy and it was on the market through PEEPAL so we decided to sell our house through the same agency. Although we did not hear about PEEPAL in the past, we were impressed by the professionalism they offered since beginning. Lakpa Sherpa was the agent taking care of selling our house and he did it in only 10 days! His ideas were most helpful and we were receiving constant updates from him. We can highly recommend using PEEPAL when selling house and seeking Lakpa's advices.
Silvia Citriakova
Silvia C.
06:20 29 Mar 21
I am happy for the best service
D.b Gurung
D.b G.
08:05 25 Mar 21
priyanka gurung
priyanka G.
11:55 24 Mar 21
I’ve spoken on the phone with Mr Nags Rai, he is absolutely polite and very helpful as I was unsure. Really quick and did not have to wait long for my problem to be sorted out. Made my Friday evening and appreciate his support and all his knowledge given.
Peace Living
Peace L.
17:14 19 Mar 21
Tilly Nind
Tilly N.
13:49 19 Mar 21
Oliver Sharp
Oliver S.
13:49 19 Mar 21
This is the second time we've used Peepal Mortgages. I cannot recommend them enough. Pratima had made us incredibly happy and we are so please we chose to use Peepal.. It had been a tough time but she rose to the challenges and were amazing during the whole purchase process. When issues arose, Pratima went above and beyond to help resolve problems. The whole process was novel to me and we could trust her to get the honest advise and help make the best decision. Thank you Pratima!Arjun & Pratima.
Arjun Gurung
Arjun G.
23:07 18 Mar 21
Excellent service. Mr Niroj is very professional and helpful from the beginning to end. He assisted me without any hesitations even out of office time. I highly recommend him to anyone, his knowledge and professionalism is simply outstanding.Thank you so much, couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again Niroj!
16:19 15 Mar 21
The services that Diya and her group provide is second to none. The responses were very informative, precise and quick in a cordial and humble manner. They made the whole process comfortable and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their help as I myself will certainly return to them if I need to without a doubt in my mind.
W Limbu
W L.
10:00 13 Mar 21
Very nice people to work with, sorted our issues out quickly and professionally. Recommended!
Tom Gates
Tom G.
10:26 12 Mar 21
Been a pleasure to work with Peepal Mortgages on purchase of our first home 🙂 Massive thank you to Priya didi for working on our case and being responsive all the time as well as thanks to Monika for taking quick actions to progress to next stage by working with the solicitor accordingly and always giving frequent updates. Wishing Peepal Mortgages all the best and more success ahead 🙂
Smriti Gurung
Smriti G.
10:23 01 Mar 21
Ranny2520 Singh
Ranny2520 S.
08:40 01 Mar 21
I have dealt with so many Estate Agents/ Property Management, but I have never met the excellent services like I received from PEEPAL ESTATE AGENTS. what amazed me most is their humble and excellent communication skills, they are all trained and helpful to acquire the property from without any hassle.Thumb up to you all at Peepal Estate Agents.
16:00 26 Feb 21
Parbir Pun
Parbir P.
17:23 25 Feb 21
Staff like Kamal and smriti are Very friendly and helpful. Even if you have complicated situation getting mortgage they know how to make it happen. Would recommend to anyone who wants to get into a property ladder.
Suman Limbu
Suman L.
09:28 19 Feb 21
We very happy with Peepal mortgage’s service especially Niroj who is very professional and hardworking man. Sometimes, we called him at night or at the weekends (Off hours) regarding some information or if there is any confusion, he was always there for us, happy to serve us at all times.We got our 1st house’s key within a month in this pandemic situation which was almost impossible but he made it possible with quick response and efficient service.Thank you for your hard work and support Team Peepal.
Jeewan Gurung
Jeewan G.
22:43 18 Feb 21
We are so happy with the service we received from Peepal Mortgages Limited. Our Mortgage and Protection Advisor Was Mr Niroj Gurung.He was so proffessional,friendly,understanding,helpful and extremly knowledgeable who managed to arrange our mortgage so quickly and efficiently.Nothing was too much trouble.He always kept us up to date on our Mortgage application and answered all our question when we needed.''A huge thank you to Bhanja Niroj who helped us to get a mortgage so quickly''We really appreciate you.I certainly recommending Peepal Mortgages Limited and also Mr Niroj Gurung to all my family & friends.Thank You.Mr.Ashok Limbu&Family
Ashok Limbu
Ashok L.
18:04 18 Feb 21
Peepal mortgage was great!!! Thank you for everything🙏🙏I really2 wanna thanked to brother Kamal Gurung🙏🙏I wanted to let you know how I appreciate your hard work during this pandemic time +’ stick to it’ ness!!!!! Thankx for ur awesome service + for always keeping in touch throughout the process, it’s been a pleasure!!!! I wanna thanked to Smriti sis for everything( filling up forms/chasing up solicitor abt paper work & much more)🙏🙏🙏i’m Willing to work with you in future!!!!Many2 regardsSita+ family
Sita Lama
Sita L.
16:58 04 Feb 21
“I have given my property to Peepal Estate Agent for Let and found so effective and professionally. Thank you so much Mr Nags dai and his team. Really appreciated and fully recommend to everyone with this great and trust worthy team”.
Bikram Maden
Bikram M.
22:16 12 Jan 21
Highly professional staff and outstanding customer service!
Sim Chochangi
Sim C.
20:08 05 Jan 21
Pabindra Rai
Pabindra R.
18:00 02 Jan 21
Recently I remortgaged my 2 properties with Peepal. The staff were very help full. They gave me alternative options which was very handy. if I want to know the progress on case. They response immediately. My case was handled by Pratima. She's deep knowledge on subject and she is proactive staff.I strongly recommend Peepal for service.
Prakash Gurung
Prakash G.
19:10 27 Dec 20
Chhetra Kumar Gurung
Chhetra Kumar G.
18:29 21 Dec 20
I would like to heartly thank Peepal team ,espicially Prasanna for guiding me and advising me in the process of buying our first dream home from start till the end.His efficient , quick and valuable advises helped me sort out all those obstacles in documentation very smooth way.Would like to highly recommend to my other family and collegues.RegardsMr & Mrs Gurung & Family
Vivek Gurung
Vivek G.
08:52 19 Dec 20
Tanka Rai
Tanka R.
20:03 13 Dec 20
Firstly, I would like to give a Big Thank you to Diya! This is the second time I have used Peepal Mortgages and they have left no stone unturned. They have been consistently providing excellent services and meeting the needs of their client. Diya was very professional, super helpful and provided range of advices which was very beneficial to me to make the right decision. Highly recommended to anyone who are looking for professional, excellent and quick service! One Happy Client 🙂
17:59 13 Dec 20
Excellent service provider with an amazing people who are always ready to help at anytime. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you for your wonderful service .
kaLpana ghale
kaLpana G.
15:41 12 Dec 20
Mr Rana
Mr R.
14:35 11 Dec 20
I had completely forgotten about my remortgage due date. Luckily, I had a call from Diya Gurung in advance, for a reminder and also to get updates of my current situation. She offered me sufficient advices, tips and further directions as required.She found me the best deal and managed the remortgaging without any issues or hassle.Hence, for a hassle free mortgage/remortgage advice and assistance always go for Peepal Mortgages.
Jay Pun
Jay P.
16:13 10 Dec 20
Peepal estate is the best for mortgage advisor and for every possible advise and guidance for all type of business. I am extremely happy with them and I also want to recommend everyone.I extremely say thank you very much for Diya Gurung ,one of the best mortgage advisor of peepal estate team.She supported me every single of issue and giving me full guidelines in my whole mortgage and remortgage process.Rajendra mahat
11:38 10 Dec 20
Both Kamal and Smiriti were very helpful and was able to give me good advice for any and everthing asked.
Samsad Pun
Samsad P.
18:37 30 Nov 20
Had great support from Peepal Estate Agent. Samita was very helpful and friendly all the way through. Highly Recommended!!
Geeta Rai
Geeta R.
17:51 25 Nov 20
Nicole Leader
Nicole L.
12:37 06 Nov 20
Prem Ale
Prem A.
06:45 30 Oct 20
Thank you Diya Baini for assisting and helping me through out my mortgage application process. You were totally professional, helpful and have an outstanding customer care service. Your expert advice was a real guiding light throughout the complexities of some areas. So I would recommend her exceptionally if anyone is looking for mortgages advisor. She is personable, conscientious and everything you could hope for in an advisor.Absolutely happy with your service.👍👌
21:28 28 Oct 20
Great communication and professionalism. It was a real pleasure to liaise with Mr Nags the Property Manager.
Marcin Nowomiejski
Marcin N.
12:12 26 Oct 20
Sanjay Limbu
Sanjay L.
12:09 23 Oct 20
Very friendly, helpful staff and surya dai the best.They tried to understand our situation and suggested very nice options. Also they helps you for other insurance and remortgage will Definitely recommend.
sachin G
sachin G
09:06 18 Oct 20
Nags is so great carer
Prak Rai
Prak R.
10:44 16 Oct 20
"We very much appreciated your help on getting the remortgage and mortgage in place and rest assured we will recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for a mortgage broker. We found your services to be very professional, which was a relief giving the many less than professional brokers in the business. Great and exellent servcie by Peepal Mortgages team. Especially many thanks Kamal Gurung and Smriti Shrestha Pun.from Mr Indresh Gurung and Mrs Mohanamaya Gurung.
Indresh Grg
Indresh G.
18:10 13 Oct 20
One member in particular was Nags. Very professional,very polite. I personally would recommend. Nags made the whole transition so simple. Thankyou!!
Darren Burr
Darren B.
20:54 09 Oct 20
I have bought and also rented property through Peepal Estate Agents & Mortgages Ltd recently, despite current Covid -19 disruption the staff have managed to complete both process in time. The staff are very professional, all round and keen to help at anytime and very supportive. The staff are also keen to support clients during their off time too which was so impressive to me.
Dhalindrabahadur Khatri Chhetri
Dhalindrabahadur Khatri C.
15:21 09 Oct 20
Good communication, really responsiveThank you
Amelia Paffard
Amelia P.
14:24 26 Sep 20
Krishna Gurung
Krishna G.
17:52 23 Sep 20
Good communication and very helpful.Kamal was really helpful with the initial process and it continued throughout. Smriti has been very easy to talk to and always available,both on phone and emails. Kept a good link between solicitor, estate agent and us.
Sumi Gurung
Sumi G.
13:17 04 Sep 20
Very helpful and professional service from both Kamal and Smriti. We would like to many thanks to both and also recommend to use this service which you never regret. Once again many thanks for the team.
Abin Rai
Abin R.
17:28 02 Sep 20
Bishal Thapa
Bishal T.
18:27 18 Aug 20
Dil Pun
Dil P.
19:22 13 Aug 20
Its been a pleasure doing business with Peepal, a bunch of very friendly, hardworking and professional team!I engaged with them to secure a mortgage for my daughter as FTB during early stages of COVID 19 lockdown, and I was extremely pleased with their valued and professional advises throughout and securing a suitable mortgage scheme for the property.We collected the key yesterday and my daughter is a happy Bunny ;-)Personal gratitude to the MD Mr Surya Grg and advisor Mrs Pratima Grg for your professional support throughout.A big fat thumps up and highly recommend your services to all, seeking good valued mortgages in securing your dream home;-)Thank You Once Again!Chet ThapaGillingham, Kent
Chet Thapa
Chet T.
10:50 01 Aug 20
Excellent service. Pratima was fantastic and would totally recommend her for all your mortgage or financial needs.
Jet Mattu
Jet M.
21:30 12 Jun 20
Very professional and friendly service. Prassana was very helpful throughout the whole process which made things easy and stress free. He was always available when needed, very quick to respond by phone, email or text. Would highly recommend and definitely will be using in the future.
a g
a g
18:19 11 Jun 20
Very helpful and knowledgeable team ( Kamal Gurung & Smriti Shrestha).Always approachable and provided quick responses on any queries.Thankyou both.
Rijan Rai
Rijan R.
08:59 02 Jun 20
Niroj dai excellent from beginning to end!amazing service provided by niroj gurung dai a great mortgage advisor who is willing to help me with every little step of the way and willing to go beyond for our mortgage to be be sorted out with the lender.i will definitely recommend peepal mortgages& estate agents LtdYou are truly amazing
parmila gurung
parmila G.
18:27 29 May 20
Jit Gurung
Jit G.
13:13 01 May 20
Abin Subba
Abin S.
13:26 29 Apr 20
Very professional and enthusiastic staffs. Especially Kamal vai and Smriti bahini made it very simple and clear for us.Thanks for all the support and guidance. Much limbu
sam sukwaba
sam S.
11:42 28 Apr 20
I’ve used Peepal Mortgage twice within a year for re-mortgage and home insurance. Both time, I received an outstanding service from Kamal Gurung. Very friendly, helpful and easy to contact throughout in the process of finding a Great Deal.He is a complete professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly enough.Thank you Kamal Jee & Team Peepal.🙏🙏🙏
Madan Pradhan
Madan P.
09:37 08 Apr 20
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you,KAMAL GURUNG JI & SMIRTI baini and appreciate all you have done for us.”BEST MORTGAGE ADVISOR”. Quick responsive......always happy to help...
Inxs Thapa
Inxs T.
07:40 24 Mar 20
We had a great experience and great support from Peepal Estate from Ashford Branch.Their support and understanding was amazing all the way through our renting period.I would like to mention Lakpa Sherpa who was amazing and very supportive during our tenancy.Also Rupesh Gurung was amazing and all the team from Ashford.Thank you very much for everything you did for us.
Edy C
Edy C
16:33 10 Mar 20
Genuine thanks to Surya and the team at the Peepal Mortgages for their excellent service. It has always been a delight to have your team for the service needed. Always answers their phones, reply to emails and resolve any issues promptly. Outstanding work again for my new property. Good thing with Surya and the Peepal team, I spent less time worrying about mortgages while they completed the work with little issues.
jiwan gurung
jiwan G.
16:15 07 Mar 20
Very experienced and highly professional service. Asim was extremely knowledgeable on our mortgage options and kept us updated throughout the whole process which made things much easy and less stressful. He was always very quick to respond to any queries that we had. Would highly recommend
Pritam Gurung
Pritam G.
20:15 24 Feb 20
Sri Pirunthaban Subendran
Sri Pirunthaban S.
22:56 21 Feb 20
Thanks to Peepal Mortgage for your diligent service. Just completed my remortgage process, which was hassle free and completed within time promised.My personal thanks goes to Mr Niroj Gurung for dealing my case, who has been very friendly, helpful and total professional.I wholeheartedly trust and support this organisation and recommend others to use their service provided.
Prakash Gurung
Prakash G.
19:57 24 Jan 20
Excelent service throughout start to end getting my house key. I would definitely recommend friendly peepal’s Service. Thank you Niroj and Teamwork.
Lokendra Tumbahangphe
Lokendra T.
10:25 31 Dec 19
Peepal Mortgage staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend to use Peepal Mortgage. Th
Khen Hungtrampa
Khen H.
18:18 11 Dec 19
Very helpful and good service. I’m very thankful to Mr Kamal and Mrs Smriti for all the work done on behalf of me.
Niru Rai
Niru R.
22:30 06 Dec 19
Service is exemplary, I really cannot recommend them enough.Good communication, and always willing to answer any queries.
Senjo Limbu
Senjo L.
18:14 21 Nov 19
smriti shrestha armaja pun
smriti shrestha armaja P.
11:52 19 Nov 19
It’s been an absolute pleasure in receiving such an outstanding services and assistance throughout, from the Peepal Mortgages ltd. Mr. Niroj Gurung & Mrs. Bimal from Ashford Kent, you’ve both been instrumental throughout the processes and deals. Customer service is just Brill. I have no hesitations to say - you both could be an huge asset to any employer. Thank you so much Peepal Mortgages Ashford Ltd.
Mohan Gurung
Mohan G.
09:21 16 Nov 19
My father used Peepal Mortgages Limited to help with the purchase of our new house. The staff at this company are all extremely friendly and any concerns will be dealt with immediantely. They are fast and efficent and helped us every step of the way. To those looking to mortgage their house, I couldn't recommend this company enough!! Thank you
Sujita Gurung
Sujita G.
20:44 15 Nov 19
Khob Grg
Khob G.
19:54 15 Nov 19
We were first time buyer, didn't have much idea about the whole process when one of our neighbour suggested about Peepal mortgages. They were very helpful from the beginning, explained all the processes in details, made it simpler for us by arranging the solicitors and even the mortgage protection. Thank you so much for everything Peepal mortgages team and especially Niroj Gurung dai...
deurupa lawati
deurupa L.
09:21 15 Nov 19
Peepal Mortgage provides a thorough and professional advices in-terms of mortgage and everyaspects of property. We were able to buy a decent property through their counselling. As a first time buyer I had little or no knowledge about where to begin from but their support made us easyto meet our preferences.The staff are very friendly and helpful. They responded to our calls, emails and texted even on off hours and on weekends as well. I would highly recommend to use Peepal Mortgage. The professional staff and their counselling will definitely be helpful.
Rob G
Rob G
18:03 14 Nov 19
We choose peepal mortgages ltd for our remortgage.The whole process went smoothly. The service we received from Niroj gurung was excellent. He was extremely helpful & always happy to answer any questions or queries.Highly recommend 👌
Nima Sherpa
Nima S.
17:43 14 Nov 19

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