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How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen


Having gone through two lockdowns, the most desirable factor that’s attracting attention from buyers and tenants right now is a property with plenty of space.

 Compared to houses built in the 1960s, new homes are now designed with smaller kitchens; dropping by 2.77mon average across the UK.*

As a central room, it’s really important that you’re maximising value from your kitchen, whether it’s because you’re making a move or simply in preparation for the festive season ahead.

You want your kitchen to be practical and attractive, which requires innovative design ideas and creative storage solutions.

 To help you accomplish your renovations this December, we’ve brought you our top suggestions for making a small kitchen feel spacious and inviting.  

Take off the doors

 You would be surprised at how much space traditional swinging doors take up.

If it opens outwards, the kitchen door might not be as much of a problem, but if it swings into the kitchen, that could mean you’re losing up to a square metre of usable space. 

Go for a light colour scheme

As an effective, quick fix to make a small kitchen feel bigger, opt for a neutral colour scheme.

Neutral does not mean just sticking to shades of white and cream, why not try white patterned tiles and marble countertops with a light grey cabinet?

 This will bounce the light around, making it feel much more spacious than you would find with a darker colour palette.

 Install a small breakfast bar

 If there is no room for a dining table in your kitchen, consider sacrificing a few cabinets to squeeze in a small breakfast bar.

 Or you could even consider using a wide shelf on the wall for alternative table space – the stools can even be tucked underneath to avoid being in the way.

 Work your way up the wall

 When surface and floor space is limited, it is a good hack to use up wall space too.

 Install shelves, rods, and notice boards to take the utensils and clutter from your workspaces and onto the walls instead.

 Adding plants and more lighting will also brighten up the room, creating the illusion of openness.

Make use of the space around your fridge and oven

 Even if you only have a slither of space between the wall and your fridge or oven, you could think about making a hidden rolling cupboard; perfect for storing cans, spices, and dry food.

Invest in an over-the-sink cutting board

 For kitchens that are tight on surface space, an over-the-sink cutting board is a good way to take advantage of the whole area available.

 It is also a practical way to wash your fruit and veg without making a mess.

 Take advantage of the end of counter space

 Rather than keeping this free, take full advantage.

Why not install a bathroom rod to hang your saucepans on so it frees up another cupboard for other things. If they are nice pans, it also adds to the aesthetic of your homely kitchen!

Find a new home for your washing machine

The kitchen is an obvious place for the washing machine but in European countries outside of the UK, you are more likely to find them in the bathroom.

 If you are stuck for space, why not relocate your laundry appliances somewhere else in your home, perhaps the bathroom or a cupboard under the stairs.