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Let's make this quick.

We get it. You’re probably having the time of your life at the festival with your friends. So, we’ll make entering this Giveaway as quick as possible.

Simply enter your details below and hit that submit button to be entered into the Giveaway. Simple as that.

For GDPR reasons, you will need to confirm your submission. You will receive an email with a link that says ‘Confirm My Subscription’. You must confirm your subscription to be entered in this Giveaway.

The £100 prize will be awarded to 1 LUCKY WINNER via Bank Transfer.

Winner will be announced on our social media pages next week, so make sure you follow one of the 3 pages below to find out if you won!

We’ll do it before Friday next week so you can enjoy your Friday night out/Weekend. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. 😉

Drink responsibly and have a great time at the Festival!

Peepal for the People.