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Latest eviction ban “more balanced” than past examples


Just after we started 2021, Housing Secretary – Robert Jenrick – announced an extension on the ban preventing tenants from being evicted.

This meant that – apart from the most serious of cases – no evictions would be carried out until at least 21st February.

In the previous bans, the substantial rent arrears exemption only applied when there were nine months of arrears before 23rd March 2020.

 Many landlords have been suffering severe hardship by rent arrear levels significantly below that figure, which prompted a change to the arrears threshold to six months, making it more balanced for landlords and tenants.

Bailiffs that are enforcing the few evictions permitted to be carried out are being told to take caution and proceed in accordance with the regulations – if they can do so safely.

There is also a question mark over how a bailiff should deal with a situation where a tenant is self-isolating.

The presumption from many bailiffs is that the eviction could not be carried out for their own safety.

Not all landlords and representatives welcomed the extension.

However, Housing Solicitor – George Cohen – seems to think more landlords will begin to accept the change, due to the regulations being “more balanced”.

With the six-month notice period also reaching its conclusion at the end of March, many within the sector are now wondering what measures will be introduced by the government for landlords and tenants.

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