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Before a property can be let, there are several matters which the owner will need to deal with to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly, and also that he/she complies with the law. We provide summarised information below. If you require further advice or assistance with any matter, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Have a read through our guides. Hopefully, they'll be able to answer some of your burning questions 🙂

Preparing the Property

When it really comes down to it, to rent or sell a property, it's all about the condition of the property and how presentable it is. The more presentable it is when placed on the market, the quicker it's likely to get off the market.

Things to Consider

It's human nature to forget things that needs considering, and we're bound to miss out on some things. We can't remember everything after all, isn't it? But worry not, we've complied a few things that are worth considering!

The Legal Stuff

Things such as Health & Safety, and other Legal Requirements. These are the responsibility of the owner (Landlord). Where we are managing the property they are also our responsibility. Therefore, where we are managing we will ensure compliance, any costs of which will be the responsibility of the landlord.

Tenant Guide

Our aim is to find you the perfect property to suit your requirements with the minimum of hassle. We understand that finding a property you'd like to move in takes time. However, finding a property is only the first step. There are things you'd need to consider as well. Click the button below to read more!

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