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What Are the Best Universities For a Buy-To-Let Investment?


Since the closing of universities and businesses last spring, the property sector has seen highs and lows across the UK.

Whilst we’ve undergone a period of uncertainty, recent analysis would suggest that there is still hope for investors in student accommodation, as the demand for higher education and suitable housing is as high as ever.

By looking at market data from the UK’s top 50 universities, a study has shed light on which universities are the best for landlords looking to invest.

These reports consider the average house price in the area, the current average rent and the average rental yield.

The University of Southampton took the top spot and is shown to be the UK’s best buy-to-let university at the moment.

Based in SO17, the area has an average house price of £226,489 and an average rent sitting at £1,388 PCM. As a result of this, a buy-to-let property in that area offers an average rental yield of 7.4%.

In second place is the University of Nottingham. Their NG7 postcode is home to an average rental yield of 7%.

For Nottingham Trent University, this is marginally lower, with the NG1 postcode offering a 6.7% yield.

Coming in at fourth is the NE1 postcode, belonging to Newcastle University with a 6.3% yield, whilst the University of Dundee takes 5th place with a 6% average rental yield.

The consistency of living situation and stable finances from student loans makes university students desirable tenants for any landlord looking to avoid unpredictability in 2021.

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